Giving you a free UK phone number
- wherever you are in the world!

If you would like a UK number that will route through to this country (Ghana - +233) , you have the following choices:-
1. An 070 number which will route through to a landline or mobile all week
Cost to caller:  26p per min at all times
Our UK 070 telephone numbers for your country may be used at any time of day, every day of the week.


Call costs quoted are from a standard BT landline - costs for calls made from a mobile or
payphone may vary so please check with your phone provider if you are unsure. 

To get your UK number first please choose which type of number you would like:-


Landlines or mobiles

Now enter your telephone number in the box below - including your country code but without the initial zero unless this is required for international calls to your country.
Example:  If you wanted a UK number to route through to your phone in Ghana you would enter 233 (the country code for Ghana) followed immediately by the phone number you want your UK number to route through to - e.g., 233123456789.
To change your number:- To erase, or to change the destination number your UK number is routed to, dial our management number 0845 004 9799 or +44 845 004 9799 or +44 20 7043 9799 - you will need the pin number given to you when you registered for your number. This management number is only for use with numbers issued by this website.
Please note:-  Once you get your number you must confirm and activate it by making a test call to it within a week.  To keep your number active it must be used at least once every three months otherwise it will be deactivated and made available to other users