Giving you a free UK phone number
- wherever you are in the world!

If you would like a UK number that will route through to your VoIP (SIP) telephone, you have the following choices:-
1. A special 056 number which will route through to your SIP phone
Cost to caller: Same as landline (01/02) numbers.
This is a new number range specially designed for use with VoIP! Please check with your network if you are in any doubt about charges.


VoIP phone


Call costs quoted are from a standard BT landline - costs for calls made from a mobile or
payphone may vary so please check with your phone provider if you are unsure. 

To get your telephone number first please choose which type of number you would like:-
Now enter your VoIP SIP address in the box below
Example:  If you wanted a number to route through to your FWD phone where your FWD subscriber number was 10001, you would enter
To change your number:- If you need to change the SIP address your number is pointed at, please email quoting your telephone number, the PIN number obtained with your number and the new address you would like it pointed to.
Please note:-  Once you get your number you must confirm and activate it by making a test call to it within a week.  To keep your number active it must be used at least once every three months otherwise it will be deactivated and made available to other users